Deal #1: Subsidized Housing Project, Philippines

Through proprietary contact, Tuah Group has engaged exclusive discussions with an experienced developer in the Philippines who needs a more efficient construction technology to cope with high demand and quality control.

In this deal, Tuah Group will be the manager of the project and will build single family homes together with its strategic construction partner. It will also be integral part of the project financing and structuring.

Deal #2: Affordable Housing Project, Philippines

Tuah Group is currently in talks to take part in a large affordable housing project managed by a prominent developer in the Philippines. This project consists in a combination of row houses and standalone bungalows.

Deal #3: Micro-Studios

Tuah Group is currently working on several projects to build several residences designed for young executives who work in Central Business Districts of the main cities in the region and require affordable housing near their workplace.

The residences are specifically designed to provide a “smart & connected, green & sustainable living space”.

Deal #4: Dormitories

Tuah Group is working on several real estate projects across the region, starting with the development and operating of workers dormitories in selected industrial zones. The project aims to elevate the workers life conditions.

Part and parcel of its mission, Tuah Group favours projects with a strong social angle.